Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thinking of my Dad!

Well I have been out on the big highway for one month yesterday. Wow!! Where does time really go. My time has been spent learning what it really takes to haul that heavy load behind. Really it is not as simple as it may appear. but praising God I have not run over anyone or anything... Ok well maybe Macks foot, but I could not talk him into moving in front of the truck. I have been working on getting my timing right on the gears up and down hills. Working to get my speed up starting out So no one, in the family can continue to call me a slow ass truck driver. But its a slow process. :) Living on the road requires me to make many adjustments to what was a normal life style before. Now I must plan my morning bathroom breaks accordingly to the closest fine truck stop that can handle me dragging my sleepy butt out in whatever comfy pjs I may have sported the night before with my hair all over my head. I scare myself in the mornings... And now I can share with the rest of the world! However I try hard not to get to close to anyone before maneuvering a tooth brush and downing mouth wash. However I learned in my driving manual that mouthwash can put you over the limit of alcohol seeings how any trace amount can put you out of service... God help the poor soul who tries that one on me... lol I will breath really heavy and he will understand my need for mouthwash in the morning. I can not be out here and not gain a great appreciation for those foot steps I now follow. My father, whom I miss so very much. My husband who has been driving since we met twenty years ago. Though I have spent most of my life in one way or another in side a truck. The younger years I would ride with my Dad to help him stay awake. Or riding shot gun with Mack just to go along with him. I have learned more in these last thirty days about the job it self and why they would choose to do it, Than in all the years of riding. Giving me a better understanding of the true sacrifices they make to care for their family and maybe a little more insight as to the why's they would choose it that way. Tomorrow is the big day for me. I take my CDL driving test. God be with the poor soul who has to give it.... Lol I am ready!!!
Love and miss you Dad... Hope I can make you proud!

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