Thursday, October 23, 2008


OK we are walking into the big purple house and in the corner they have a guy all dressed up like the Mad scientist wearing these glasses, and the sweet gunnaroni says "Look that guy looks like Grandpa" ( His Grandpack Mack) So now you know that if a 3year old thinks so, It must be true as we all have said.
Now Mack being out on the road just working away while we are having so much fun, We decide that we must include him. We took this picture of the three of us and sent it to Gunnar's Grandpack Mack... Then of course we just had to get Nate, ( Gunnar's Dad ) in on the fun.
Well Love you Mack!

Hazels Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze

Out in the middle of some where Nebraska is a farm that a family has turned into a pumpkin patch and corn maze only for the sole purpose of sharing with all who come to see and experience it.
Chandell, Gunnar and myself went and had the best time. Riding the hay ride through the fields. finding the lab rats in the corn maze, and picking out the perfect pumpkins. OK my pumpkin was anything but perfect, It was short stumpy with warts and scar's and a little dented. I say even ugly pumpkins need a home. While Chandell searched and searched for the perfect pumpkin Gunnar and I waited and waited and waited, but eventually she was able to find those perfect pumpkins...
We then trekked our way to the mini witches house so Gunnar could play. I bumped my head as I wanted to play too. Guess that's why they have the big witches house huh!
The barn and spiders was rather creepy and Gunnar would have no part in that play house. So I quickly took pictures and out I went also. We had a barn that had spiders and was just a creepy so I knew how Gunnar felt.
We then relaxed with a good ole cup of cider. Oh was it good.
Now I would recommend that all go see this place some where between Sidney and Sunol Nebraska. but Chandell was driving I was playing so I have not a clue how to tell you to get there...

The perfect Country Witches Hat for the perfect Country Witch



Signs and spiders Oh My!

The house was fixed up so cute!

Making Cookies With the GunMan

Gunnar made the cookies and I ate them, Of Course!

Its the head Ladies

Chandell and I got our hair cut. Of course Mack wants to know how I got my done. So we had a bit of fun and told him that I got mine done just like Chandells, So we took some pictures of the back of our heads and sent them to him just to see if he could tell the difference.. Well He did, but we had fun Messing with him anyway.

Over the hill and through the trees to Gunnar's house I go

While Mack goes to California again. I got to go and spend a week with Gunnar, Chandell and Nate. Yipee!!!