Friday, July 19, 2013

Its a job!!

Eight Months!!....     Holy Moly......!    where does the time go???
Oh I know , back and forth, back and forth!
   Today may not be the best day to write about the job. Feeling a bit discouraged by the cons today.
Grandson Gunnar Wayne's play is today, and we can not be there.
 Awh Man!! As I so often have heard the lil man say in the face of his own disappointments . Is right!!
I've learned in life. Every choice and decision we make comes with a price. Sacrifice's! something, for something else.
Being out here has come with some real lessons....! Some super fantastic, Some eye opening, and some I wonder how 
I missed before now..
Take for instance Mack has been driving well over twenty years, my dad a retired truck driver. And I just now come to realize
 just how lonely this can be. Alienating! Your only real source of contact to anyone is by phone.
 Yes you are around people all day. But for the most part just in passing. No real connection.
You simply rely upon your family and friends through phone conversation and an occasional home time visit.
   The age old saying..." If only I knew then what I know now"! How different would I have been....!
Owing my husband and my father a great deal of gratitude for all they gave up. And also an apology for my lack to
understand what they really did every day.  
   On the much brighter side of being a traveling bum. Everyday something new, or old and familiar. 
 I am  astounded by the wealth of historical information Mack has in his head.
 I've learned more history of our country in eight months then I ever did in school. And he remembers it all!!
but of course I can not remember any of it... Lol
We have been from La to New York so many times I have lost count, but every place an adventure, something special!
because I can not remember all of the details I've decided this blog thing would be a great way to track and journal our 
adventures and to also keep up with Mr. information.... Now that will impress him! Don't you think?
In the mean time........ "Driving our life away" is the song!!
Lord willing in a couple of weeks we will be sitting in a canoe with all but one of our kids and one grandbaby rowing our butts
down the merry Niobrara river......!  Yay!! Yahoo!! Yippee!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

3 Months and counting

taking my driving test
 Well everyone I made it to the three month mark! Woo Hoo!!

Oh where to begin?
 Three months has flown by so fast.  I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface of the knowledge, one needs everyday to do this job. I can say with all honesty,  I am guilty of the idea that all there is to being a truck driver, is drive a truck... oh! Big BIG!!! oops...
As many of you know I have pretty much spent my entire life in and around trucks. My father drove truck most of his life in some form or another. farm trucks, milk truck, coal truck, cattle truck, and tankers. In any case, I hated that he choose to do this line of work.Mainly because he was gone all the time. I swore I would never marry or be a truck driver..... Famous last words! I also said, I would never live in Nebraska to. lol
Another lesson learned... Never say never.