Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Gruesome Foursome Togther Again

Mack is on the road again. I stayed home to see Jesse. Sure wish Mack could have had some time off with us.

I managed to nab a few shots of the boys playing x-box They just wont sit still very long, guess they havent really changed much.

Sure nice having you home Jesse!

September Sheep Dog Trials

My Sister asked me to come help her do concessions at the Meeker Sheep Dog trials in Meeker Colorado. So I packed my bags and off I went, not having a clue what sheep trails are or what I would be doing to help.
Well I learned a little about the trials...
You have a handler: the person who owns and leads the dogs. You have a group of sheep that the dog must find and bring to where the handler is and they do this with a whistle and calls. The dogs must bring the sheep through gates that are set up on each side of the course and in the middle. the handler stands at a post up close to the stands when the dog has brought the sheep to the circle where the handler is he then must separate three sheep from the group and put them into a pin.
There is so much more to all of this but I cant write it all down.. Its technical. and Amazing what those dogs do. Really Smart Dogs!
I had such a great time, Met really nice people and truly enjoyed myself. My sister made me earn my keep by working me hard at concessions But I would be willing to go back next year if she lets me.
Besides she spoiled me with two fleece vests, lots of good food, like funnel cakes , ice cream, hot dogs, Hamburgers. many food vender's come and set up shop like at a carnival. Had art showing and pottery making and lots of t shirts and stuff to choose from.
The first Photo is of the banner that was last years art winner

Her look alike

This women is a handler(one who handles a dog) that looks so much like My mom who passed away in December 2007 they say everyone has a twin. I never would of expected to see at the classics. God works in wondrous ways. She is from California and Mom was from California as well. She was so very nice and understanding at my stalking her. The last picture is of My mom.

Meeker Sheep Dog Classics

Sheep herders wagons that were set up for show and sale at the Classics. Sure wish I had one in my back yard... Never knew the herders had it so good!

Its a light house

Portland Maine

Fall is in the air in Maine

While in Maine

I heard they have a lot of moose in Maine, and I wanted to see one so bad... But unfortunately the only live one I saw was the one on this sign. And they did have alot of these signs. Guess I will have to be happy with that. Aye!
It was hunting season on moose while we were there and I did see two dead moose on trailers. Yuck!!! How can anyone kill a moose?

Maine Trip

Our first stop was Sea food!
With little money and these prices Mack and I had to share the lobester roll... But we did enjoy it! Was truly hard to give up half but I was a good girl