Friday, July 19, 2013

Its a job!!

Eight Months!!....     Holy Moly......!    where does the time go???
Oh I know , back and forth, back and forth!
   Today may not be the best day to write about the job. Feeling a bit discouraged by the cons today.
Grandson Gunnar Wayne's play is today, and we can not be there.
 Awh Man!! As I so often have heard the lil man say in the face of his own disappointments . Is right!!
I've learned in life. Every choice and decision we make comes with a price. Sacrifice's! something, for something else.
Being out here has come with some real lessons....! Some super fantastic, Some eye opening, and some I wonder how 
I missed before now..
Take for instance Mack has been driving well over twenty years, my dad a retired truck driver. And I just now come to realize
 just how lonely this can be. Alienating! Your only real source of contact to anyone is by phone.
 Yes you are around people all day. But for the most part just in passing. No real connection.
You simply rely upon your family and friends through phone conversation and an occasional home time visit.
   The age old saying..." If only I knew then what I know now"! How different would I have been....!
Owing my husband and my father a great deal of gratitude for all they gave up. And also an apology for my lack to
understand what they really did every day.  
   On the much brighter side of being a traveling bum. Everyday something new, or old and familiar. 
 I am  astounded by the wealth of historical information Mack has in his head.
 I've learned more history of our country in eight months then I ever did in school. And he remembers it all!!
but of course I can not remember any of it... Lol
We have been from La to New York so many times I have lost count, but every place an adventure, something special!
because I can not remember all of the details I've decided this blog thing would be a great way to track and journal our 
adventures and to also keep up with Mr. information.... Now that will impress him! Don't you think?
In the mean time........ "Driving our life away" is the song!!
Lord willing in a couple of weeks we will be sitting in a canoe with all but one of our kids and one grandbaby rowing our butts
down the merry Niobrara river......!  Yay!! Yahoo!! Yippee!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

3 Months and counting

taking my driving test
 Well everyone I made it to the three month mark! Woo Hoo!!

Oh where to begin?
 Three months has flown by so fast.  I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface of the knowledge, one needs everyday to do this job. I can say with all honesty,  I am guilty of the idea that all there is to being a truck driver, is drive a truck... oh! Big BIG!!! oops...
As many of you know I have pretty much spent my entire life in and around trucks. My father drove truck most of his life in some form or another. farm trucks, milk truck, coal truck, cattle truck, and tankers. In any case, I hated that he choose to do this line of work.Mainly because he was gone all the time. I swore I would never marry or be a truck driver..... Famous last words! I also said, I would never live in Nebraska to. lol
Another lesson learned... Never say never.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thinking of my Dad!

Well I have been out on the big highway for one month yesterday. Wow!! Where does time really go. My time has been spent learning what it really takes to haul that heavy load behind. Really it is not as simple as it may appear. but praising God I have not run over anyone or anything... Ok well maybe Macks foot, but I could not talk him into moving in front of the truck. I have been working on getting my timing right on the gears up and down hills. Working to get my speed up starting out So no one, in the family can continue to call me a slow ass truck driver. But its a slow process. :) Living on the road requires me to make many adjustments to what was a normal life style before. Now I must plan my morning bathroom breaks accordingly to the closest fine truck stop that can handle me dragging my sleepy butt out in whatever comfy pjs I may have sported the night before with my hair all over my head. I scare myself in the mornings... And now I can share with the rest of the world! However I try hard not to get to close to anyone before maneuvering a tooth brush and downing mouth wash. However I learned in my driving manual that mouthwash can put you over the limit of alcohol seeings how any trace amount can put you out of service... God help the poor soul who tries that one on me... lol I will breath really heavy and he will understand my need for mouthwash in the morning. I can not be out here and not gain a great appreciation for those foot steps I now follow. My father, whom I miss so very much. My husband who has been driving since we met twenty years ago. Though I have spent most of my life in one way or another in side a truck. The younger years I would ride with my Dad to help him stay awake. Or riding shot gun with Mack just to go along with him. I have learned more in these last thirty days about the job it self and why they would choose to do it, Than in all the years of riding. Giving me a better understanding of the true sacrifices they make to care for their family and maybe a little more insight as to the why's they would choose it that way. Tomorrow is the big day for me. I take my CDL driving test. God be with the poor soul who has to give it.... Lol I am ready!!!
Love and miss you Dad... Hope I can make you proud!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

New beginnings

As one door closes in life another opens. For me the long awaited door of traveling with my husband has finally arrived. But not as a tourist site seeing, or as a truckers daughter, or as a truckers wife. As a truck driver my self. Wow I find even the title it self a little intimidating. After my first full week on the job I am not near as intimidated but amazed by all its possibilities. My husband is the most patient understanding teacher ever!!With his continued encouragement I know I can become a valued help mate to him. And draw from all the endless possibilities the job has to offer.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wow! 19 today

Raising BoysAuthor: Roberta I. Teague
I scrub the wall of fingerprints, Pick up the mounds of clothes. I sweep the dirt that shoes track in- Wish I could use a hose! Meals are served from dawn to dark, Dirty dishes crowd the sink. Just when they’re washed and put away- Everyone wants a drink!The washer pulls the dirty grime From pants worn thin and patched. They look so very neat and clean- Yuck, look what the pockets hatched! Broken bones and bloody knees, I should have been a nurse. I take it all in shaky stride- Just grateful it’s not worse! Screams and shouts and argumentsTest the keeping of my cool. They left the neighbor’s faucet on- See their new front yard pool! A soothing bath is ecstasy, A reward at the end of my rope. Raising boys isn’t really bad- But first I must wash the soap! A rose can say I Love You, Orchids can enthrall;But a weed bouquet in a chubby fist, Oh my, that says it all!
Happy Happy Birthday!
Jesse Cole Crockett Gashler Bofrog Goertz
JJJ. Junk food Junkie Jesse.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oh My He's 45

Happy Birthday!
Mack Mack
Little Mack
and best of all
GrandPac Mack

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas To All
Remember Jesus is the reason
for the season!